Attract talent for your company
is our mission.
Understand the needs of the
market is our duty. 
Raise the bar for global hiring
is our goal.

A consultancy that believes in attracting talented people through data, intelligence and transparency. We realize the need to improve R&S processes so that companies around the world can hire with more efficiency and cultural fit.

We are Kaptas, the change that recruitment needs to evolve.

Want to hire the ideal talent for your company?
Contact our time!

Want to hire the ideal talent for your company? Contact our time!

About Kaptas

The name Kaptas comes from the word “Captar”, which is Portuguese for “Attract”, that summarize with masterfully the role of a consultancy.

We exist to ensure the perfect match between companies and professionals in new challenges.

Our purpose is to make companies and people feel fulfilled and with the certainty of the right choice.

We work with metrics and clarity from beginning to end of the process. It is what sustains HR in decision-making with rationality, without bias and guesswork.

We are tireless in the search for the ideal talent for every vacancy.

Fotografia contendo cerca de 40 pessoas da equipe da Kapta. As pessoas são diversas, e estão em sua maioria vestidas de camiseta branca e calça. Estão sentadas no chão de uma sala, e na parede do fundo há uma televisão.

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All our services are also offered internationally, as we have a team of recruiters trained to hire professionals from all over the world. We have no geographical limits of action to find the person who will fit in your company’s culture.



Succes Fee

Ideal model for those looking for precision and speed of delivery in a selection process.

Our team of recruiters is prepared to ensure that you hire the best talent and leverage your company’s results.


Long List

Kaptas has an exclusive currency called Koin, which is equivalent to 1 cycle of 21 days of longlist formed by 4 skilled professionals interested in your company’s opportunities.

It is possible to hire more than 1 professional per Koin at no additional cost.


Talent Pool

Proactive market mapping to create a talent pool with the professionals that properly fit in your company.

We offer a team of recruiters 100% dedicated to your project and the best tools to attract candidates.




A team of recruiters based on the Kaptas’s methodology to solve your company’s needs. The service is exclusive and payments are linked to performance.

We manage the professionals and are responsible for all the quality and delivery of the contracted service.



Manage a team of recruiters trained with the Kaptas methodology. Our professionals are allocated to understand your demand and work under the management of  your company.

We provide all work tools, as well an access to our Talent Pool with more than 115.000 registered professionals.


Several exclusive content about consulting and recruitment produced weekly!

Do you want to hire a talent that is
the face of your company?


Do you want to be hired by
a company that is your face?